Westover Consulting is the solution architect for e-ServiceSuite, e-SalesSuite and eVis (our CMDB visualisation tool). Our expertise reaches beyond just coding applications.  We listen to our customers, and involve them in the solution design, every step of the way. Customer satisfaction is job number one for us and we take our design philosophy seriously. Customer involvement in our development efforts means a solution delivered the way the client wants. Our solution focus is Maintainability, Usability and Value, talk to us and you will agree we are what we appear to be, no fluff and feathers just honest attentive solution architects offering value to our clients.

Up To Speed

IT Service Management (ITSM)

Full spectrum business management suite, e-ServiceSuite

  • Data-driven
  • ITIL Compliant
  • Multi-tenancy
  • On-Site or Cloud deployment in a matter of weeks

Sales Force Automation

eCRM, Sales Force Automation, Lead and Quotation Management, Campaign Management, Support and Training Course Management

Built using the market-leading Mendix Agile Development Engine  workflow management software, e-SalesSuite is an integrated application to manage all your interactions with your customers, providing you with a comprehensive overview of all your communications and contacts with them. Having access to full information provides you with the ability to improve your support and service to your customers, and to increase the effectiveness of your sales and marketing efforts.

  • 100% Web-Based
  • Easy Deployment
  • CRM Integration Option


Are you looking for integration to an existing in-house application?  

  • Custom integration options
  • Off-the-shelf connectivity
  • Social productivity tools
  • SAP