System Analysis and Design


Business Process

Our consultants use business process analysis and rapid application development techniques to understand your organisation’s needs, and to help you to examine and if necessary re-engineer your business processes to deliver improvements in your organisation’s performance.

Having understood and mapped the key agreed business processes, our aim is to design and deliver a system which is easy to use and maintain, and which fully supports and enforces your business processes. We design and deliver applications which help end users work more efficiently, by developing versatile, adaptable and scalable solutions.

We believe that the application provided should be adapted to suit your business needs, rather than your processes having to change to meet constraints imposed by the system. Developing systems in the Remedy Action Request System allows us to produce applications which are extremely adaptable, scalable and quick to develop and deploy, and which can be integrated easily with existing systems and data sources.

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We stand behind our work with the expertise to support you and your customised solutions, today and into the future.

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