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Yes, we stand out in a crowd, for a reason.

Westover Consulting Ltd specializes in the development and support of customer enterprise solutions based on the Mendix Agile Development Engine®.

We offer a wide range of innovative solutions to meet your business needs based on your business operational standards, our own ITIL compliant products or bespoke developments to your specification - whichever option you choose, we provide fast to deploy, adaptable and scalable solutions for your business. Since being established in 1998, we have enabled our customers to understand their needs and where appropriate streamline their business processes by automating working practices and delivering solutions on time and within budgetary constraints.

We are experts in all that we do.

Our Expertise

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Are you looking for enterprise solutions to help your company manage...

  • Knowledgebases
  • Service Surveys
  • Releases
  • IT Inventories
  • IT Budgets
  • Others
  • Incidents
  • Requests
  • Service Catalogues
  • Problems
  • Changes
  • Service Level Agreements